About God is My Source

Who are you depending on?

Are you depending solely on yourself or others?

Are you living by your own means, by your own ideas or by your own strength?

We have a variety of sources that we can depend upon, but not all of them are reliable, true or trustworthy.

Often the sources that many individuals put their trust in expectantly fail.

What is your source? How would you answer this question?

But there is one true and trustworthy source that we can depend on that will never failing.

That source is God. But you ask, ‘How could he help me’? ‘Does he really care?’

Yes, he does care and he wants to be your source. He wants you to get to know him and his ways. He is your loving father. He wants to take care of your needs, your wants and your desires.

That’s what we are here for. To share with you how God can be your source.